Portrait in characters
Portraits as visual characters written like calligraphy in ink on paper Over the last few years  my work has shifted... Read More
Engelina & Jolly
Een portret van jezelf, of van je geliefde, je huisdier, (klein-) kind of ander bijzonder persoon laten maken?Dat kan!Er zijn verschillende... Read More
Portrait of Dog Kees | acrylic on sail | 50x70cm | portrait to commission
A painted portrait of a special person or animal is a pleasure and treasure for years.There are various options regarding... Read More
Plant Vase China Paper Plane Sail
Plant The word ‘plant’ is the same in English and Dutch. In Spain it’s ‘planta’, that’s easy.  植物 in China.... Read More
Wallpaper Birds
Series of paintings of birds, acrylic on wallpaper. Painted during the Corona/Covid19 lockdown – the wallpaper to emphasise the indoors,... Read More
SCHILDER JE EIGEN UITZICHT #StayHome / voorjaar 2020. Binnen blijven is wat we nu moeten doen. Om deze weken thuis... Read More

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