The month of January I stayed as an artist in residence at the wonderful place Hektor on Lanzarote, Spain.
The plan was to have (head)space and time to explore and create without any expectations or pressure for results. And the plan worked. I experimented with new subjects, methods and materials, which I used to create new drawings and paintings. I enjoyed the process a lot. It helped me to develop and to find (back) the trust in my own work.
Of course being on this beautiful island was not bad :)) Lanzarote gives me inspiration and energy. I went snorkeling a lot to find seaweed to work with, I used the stones, the picon, the palm leafs, etc.
Hektor was the perfect place to be, with Yves and Bert as lovely hosts with an eye for detail and hearts of gold. Painting in the sun on the terrace or working in the Hektor studio, hearing the donkey and sheep laugh, the palm trees rustle, the warmth, the breeze, the beautiful views, just wonderful.
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to explore my ideas and develop my work.

All photos made by Yves Drieghe at Hektor

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