Inge Koetzier van Hooff Photo by Yves Drieghe Hektor Lanzarote

Inge Koetzier van Hooff | Visual artist

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  • Studio, gallery, mailing address: Walingsweg 1, 1766GH Wieringerwaard, Noord Holland, the Netherlands
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Photo by Yves Drieghe at Hektor Lanzarote. See more photos here, made during my stay as AIR.


Inge is a Dutch painter, working as a professional visual artist since 2005. Inge studied at the Utrecht Art School (1992-1995) and she studied Cultural Anthropology (1995-1998) at the Amsterdam University, Netherlands.
After having lived in Spain for 10 years she currently lives and works in the countryside in the Netherlands. Taking part in cultural exchanges, exhibitions and artists in residencies, she loves to travel as it provides the perfect background for the expression of her twin passions, people & art. Inge is always training the eye, observing, and concentrating on people in their various environments.

Inge sees something remarkable in most things, in every day life, experiences, landscapes, animals, people. She shows her observations by painting just the necessary essential elements, the characteristics. Isolating these, putting it in a new context. In her drawings a lot is said by what is not drawn, sometimes just showing the essentials in a few lines.
Her minimalistic style shows in her artworks in ink and in her layered paintings in a sober palette. Inge alternates the phases of concentrated minimalist work with exuberant figurative abstract works in colour and paint. Her techniques in combination with the use of often wooden panels or recycled used sails as her canvas is an integral part of Inge’s recognisable style.
By exhibiting her work, sharing it online and teaching Inge inspires people to (ex-)change perspectives. Her work has been acquired by museums and private collections and has been exhibited internationally at various art venues and events.

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