Atelier Koetzier van Hooff Banksy SchoK 2019
SchoK 2019 Schoorlse Kunsten Schoorlse Kunsten 2019 omvat zo’n 100 kunstenaars, ca 50 projecten meer dan 15 locaties. “WAT JE... Read More
Pointing Hand |acrylic on sailcloth| 50x70 cm
AGENDA 2020: Open atelier-studio 15 november 13-17 uur Oct: Kunst container, Blooming, Bergen nh Oct: Tally Ho, Stationsstraat 21, Bergen... Read More
Rondje Kunst Statenkwartier Den Haag 2018 Flowers painted on sail cloth
Rondje Kunst is een kunst expositie ronde van diverse kunstenaars op verschillende locaties in het Statenkwartier in Den Haag. April... Read More
Paintings on sailcloth, exhibition Guangzhou, China
Art and Fashion mixes wonderfully at Queens in Alkmaar, The Netherlands Queens presenteert kleding en kunst Met een expositie van... Read More
Guangzhou Gallery China Koetzier van Hooff
Guangzhou contemporary art exhibition Gallery Culture of Yinbao, Guangzhou, China, launches a new exhibition. Rebecca Yang opened the show of contemporary... Read More
Paintings made at the Foshan Art Institute China 2018
看看是什么激励了我在中国。读中文 The Sino – Dutch Days in China april – may 2018 In Foshan, Guangzhou, South China, I joined a... Read More

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