All levels and languages are welcome at Art Café!
Come by yourself or with friends – we draw, we chat, we laugh, we learn, we get inspired!
Drawing and painting creative still life / models / friends etc.
Feel free to use your own imagination and inspiration…!
It’s all about having a good time creating and experimenting.
Meanwhile listening to music, chatting, having a drink, painting, scribbling, sketching!

Want to do an art session with a group (colleagues, friends, family party, …)?
I will plan, guide and organize something unique and creative! A special experience for everyone!
There are many possibilities, Contact me for more information.

After summer 2017 the classes and drawing sessions will be held in the Netherlands. Just contact me if you like to join!

Vanaf 6 februari 2018: Art Café @ Atelier Inge! Gezellige creatieve sessies in mijn atelier in Schoorl. Ook te organiseren op verzoek op locatie in Alkmaar of elders – worldwide!  Je bent welkom voor kunst activiteiten, lessen en workshops! Blijf op de hoogte – stay tuned!