Artist in Residency in Dehua, China

In 2018 I stayed in Dehua, China, as an Artist in Residence. Dehua is one of the most important places in China for porcelain and ceramics. It has over 3000 ceramic factories. I worked in the WanQi Factory Studios. WanQi is a very picturesque place with lovely people and their own Art Gallery. I was there with artist Nicole Donkers. We worked together on a project, painting on ceramic and porcelain and creating different artworks. More about our interesting project later…
In the nearby city Xiamen I visited lots of interesting art venues and I met more wonderful people. To be continued!

See more about exhibition and the Dutch Days Art Exchange in China.

2018年,我留在中国德化,作为驻地艺术家。 德化是中国瓷器和陶瓷最重要的地方之一。 它有超过3000家陶瓷工厂。 我在万奇工厂工作室工作。 WanQi是一个风景如画的地方,有可爱的人和他们自己的艺术画廊。 我和艺术家Nicole Donkers在一起。 我们在一个项目上合作,在陶瓷和瓷器上绘画,并创作出不同的艺术品。 更多关于我们有趣的项目…
在附近的厦门市,我参观了许多有趣的艺术场所,我遇到了更多精彩的人。 未完待续!