Muy Fragil, Drawing on cardboard
Muy Fragil, Drawing on cardboard

Drawing courses – March 2017

The month of March will be full of drawing!
The courses are held in my studio in Famara, Lanzarote.
If you like to join – please contact me and subscribe before March the 1st as there are limited places available!
I hope to see you this month full of drawing!

Drawing Course I
The basis of any art form is drawing from observation.

That sounds serious, but the fun thing is – it is something everybody can do!
Techniques you can learn, creativity you can train and practising is what it takes.

In this course I will guide you through a few steps that will help you understand how to observe – how to really SEE. And then how to translate that to paper.
You will make lots of sketches, you can experiment with different ways of drawing.
You will NOT have 1 pretty piece to put up on the wall and show your guests. Instead you will probably have lots of very interesting and personal drawings!  Drawings that will surprise you!

This course is for anybody who likes to start drawing or who likes to refresh his/her drawing skills and creativity!
A mix of languages can/will be spoken; English / Spanish / Dutch.
Subscribe by contacting me here or on Whatsapp 0031624988036

Drawing Course II
Model Drawing – A classic!

As drawing from observation is the basis for any art, model drawing is the classic way to do this.

You will draw to a live nude model, in a small group. Step by step you will be guided to observe, to see the pose, how to find the important lines in the model, how to start, how to get the proportions right, and more. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere you’ll make lots of sketches. You’ll find that model drawing is a unique experience!

It is for anybody who wants to start model drawing or who wants to refresh some live drawing skills.
A mix of languages can/will be spoken; English / Spanish / Dutch. All material, music and drinks included.
Subscribe by contacting me here or on Whatsapp 0031624988036

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