Live Model Drawing Lanzarote January 2017

The first Live Model Drawing Lanzarote Session 2017!

In Famara the wind was blowing, the sun was shining and we started drawing in full energy mode!

Martin Cairoli was the model of the day – fit, strong, guapo and dynamic! He is a great massagist and the only one giving Tula – a combination of massage, yoga and meditation- on Lanzarote. Martin’s wife Itziar is a fantastic yoga teacher and life coach. A special couple! Make sure to visit their websites for details: and

Drawing, we did mostly 1 minute poses so everybody was working very hard to grab the figure and characteristics! Doing one-line blind drawings made sure we got fully concentrated and the results were very surprising – for the beginners as well as for the experienced artists! It turned out that today we didn’t always need 5 or even 10 minutes to put down the poses on paper!
Very inspiring to see all the different styles and techniques of the artists, thank you all for a great model drawing session!
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