Digital drawings

A digital drawn portrait is a good option if you want to commission a portrait on a smaller budget.
Think about a portrait of a loved one, yourself, or your pet.
It is a unique hand drawn work for an affordable price.

This is how it works: I draw directly on the screen of my iPad, so the drawing is a digital file. I will email this to you and then you can print / have it printed as you like; on paper / canvas / plexiglass / … etc.
You just send me photos with which I can study and ‘get to know’ the person or animal to create the portrait. (Of course you can come to pose in my studio in Schoorl / Alkmaar in the Netherlands if you are near. If not, photos over internet will do!

Just contact me if you like to know more and how to proceed. Email: + 31-624988036

As I love to draw animals, I did quite some animal portraits to commission – see these digitally drawn portraits of dogs.
Click here to see painted portrait commissions I did.
Please note that the quality of the photos on this website is low on purpose to protect copyright. The drawings for portrait commissions will be sent in very high quality.