Paintings made at the Foshan Art Institute China 2018

Sino – Dutch Days China


The Sino – Dutch Days in China – April – May 2018

In Foshan, Guangzhou, South China, I joined a group of wonderful artists. Both Chinese and Dutch painters, ceramic artists and musicians went to work and exhibit together.
The event was organised by Rebecca Yang of Sky Culture, the Royal Netherlands Consulate-General of Guangzhou, the Foshan City Art Institute and others.
After the Dutch Kings Day reception the cultural and artistic exchange event started.

At the Foshan Art Institute we worked together; exchanging ideas, sharing cultural habits and material, creating art together. Learning and trying out traditional methods and ink painting. Exchanging material like Chinese rice paper and sails from Holland. Experimenting with different glazes and painting on ceramic tiles.
In between drinking tea together from the special ornamented tea tabels and lovely cups and bottles.  I think that beauty can be found in the smallest of things. For example in teapots and cups! The Dutch and the Chinese both like to drink tea, but the way to drink it and the pots and cups are quite different. I liked to show these every day items in my drawings and paintings.
Many things inspired me during this trip, as you can see here!

(text continues below photos)

All the artworks were shown at the exhibition at the Guangdong Calligraphy Garden, Foshan, China. The night was opened with several speeches, a wonderful concert and the taking of lots of photos!. (text continues below photos)

“Dutch Day” translates into Chinese as “Yan Yan Yue” Please use automatic translation in your browser and see and read more at the following pages:

About the event – review
About the Dutch Days and all artists
About the exhibition and introducing the artists.

It was an amazing experience to be part of these Sino-Dutch Days. It was a true exchange of culture and art, establishing the friendship between China and the Netherlands. Besides learning a lot and inspiring each other, we also had a very good time and fun together! Looking forward to work again with my new artist friends! (text continues below photos)

All participating artists:
– Henry Kelder (piano)
– Johan van der Linden (saxophone)
– Francine Vis (soprano)
– Egbert Jan Louwerse (flute)

Dutch artists:
– Nicole Donkers (ceramic artist)
– Monica Winnubst (installation artist)
– Inge Koetzier van Hooff (painter) 油画家)

Chinese artists:
– Jianxi Zhao, Vice President of the Foshan City Artistic Creation Institute and Dean of Foshan Sculpture Academy 简锡昭,佛山市艺术创作院副院长、佛山雕塑院院长。
– Li Min, sculptor of Foshan Sculpture Institute, artist of Foshan Art Institute.李敏,佛山市艺术创作院艺术家·佛山雕塑院雕塑家。
– Wang Yongcai, Director of Professional Painter and Painting Creation Department of Foshan Art Academy and Foshan Academy of Fine Arts.王永才,佛山市艺术创作院·佛山画院专业画家、绘画创作部主任。
– Ant Tide, Foshan City Art Design Institute professional sculptor Foshan City Sculpture Committee Secretary.蚁潮,佛山市艺术创作院专业雕塑家佛山市雕塑艺委秘书。
– Luo Zhiqi, currently a professional sculptor of the Foshan Sculpture Institute of the Academy of Fine Arts of Foshan City.罗志奇,现任佛山市艺术创作院·佛山雕塑院专业雕塑家。
– Blue Front, sculptor of Foshan Art and Design Institute.蓝之锋,佛山市艺术创作院雕塑家。
– Zhang Weiwei, a professional artist of the Foshan City Art Design Institute.张微微,佛山市艺术创作院专业艺术家。
– Duan Junhao is a full-time painter of the Foshan Art Academy and Foshan Academy of Fine Arts. 段俊豪,佛山市艺术创作院·佛山画院专职画家
– Jiang Shan is a professional artist of the Foshan Artistic Creation Institute and the secretary-general of the Foshan Art Museum. 江山,佛山市艺术创作院专业艺术家、佛山美术馆联盟秘书长
– Sun Wenke, professional painter of Foshan Art Academy and Foshan Art Academy.孙文科,佛山市艺术创作院·佛山画院专业画家。
– Li Xiaoli is a professional painter at the Foshan City Art Design Institute.李婉丽,佛山市艺术创作院专业画家。
– Qiu Dayi is a professional painter of the Foshan Art Academy and Foshan Art Academy. 邱大尉,佛山市艺术创作院·佛山画院专业画家。
– Yue Haixi is a professional painter in the Foshan Art Academy and Foshan Academy. 岳海喜,佛山市艺术创作院·佛山画院专业画家。

活动回顾 | 2018荷兰日之“荷颜粤色”中荷(佛山)艺术创作交流展开幕式



系列活动中, “荷”颜“粤”色2018中荷艺术创作交流展览开幕式于5月3日在广东书法园隆重举行。活动当晚,荷兰王国驻广州总领事馆总领事郭媚瑶女士亲临活动现场,并为开幕式致辞。随后,各位嘉宾欣赏了来自荷兰的四重奏音乐会和中荷陶瓷艺术交流展览。


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