Flowers Sail Yellow Vase |Acrylic on sailcloth | 91x123 cm | Steel frame top&bottom
Flowers Sail Yellow Vase |Acrylic on sailcloth | 91x123 cm | Steel frame top&bottom

Flowers on Sails

I love fresh flowers in vases – it’s part of the Dutch interior and a classical subject to paint (think Sunflowers, Van Gogh!).
On Lanzarote I wanted to paint a series of flowers on pieces of sailcloth. The only flowers I could find were either fake Ikea or fresh lilies. I was lucky that after a bit of rain a few grasses and dandelions sprouted at our desert island – fresh painting material!
Used sailingboat sails are one of my favourite materials to paint on.
Years ago my sailor friend on the Guadiana river prompted the idea to paint on his used sails – I was immediately hooked! The sails give me a sense of freedom to explore the world! Also I love the material, the lines and stitches, the oilmarks and rat-pee stenches…  It all adds to the composition and liveliness of the painting!

The sailcloth of this series of paintings has seen many oceans – it was given to me by a friend on the Canary Island Lanzarote.  These paintings were made for and exhibited at the beautiful Gallery Bel-Etage at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.
Most are sold, few are still for sale.  If you’re interested please contact me for any information. فن معرض المعرض لوحات أمستردام هولندا زهور الزنبق الزنابق هولندا بيع  艺术 绘画展览馆荷兰鲜花郁金香荷兰荷兰出售  искусство Выставка живописи галерея Амстердам Голландия Цветы тюльпаны лилии Нидерланды продажа

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