Window Painting | #paintyourownview | Raam Schilderen
Window Painting | #paintyourownview | Raam Schilderen


LINKS to art classes, online collections, videos and random creativity. My personal favourites to explore, enjoy, share and add while we #stayhome #blijfthuis #yomequedoencasa


Arts & Culture by Google to do and explore

This became a worldwide fun and arty thing to do at home #tussenkunstenquarantaine

Colourful paintings by my brother Bas, to cheer you up!

Art Class videos:

Wackers Academie Amsterdam Youtube

MoMa New York Youtube

Tate Museum London Youtube

Model drawing by Zin Lim Youtube

New Masters Academy Youtube

Model drawing Croquis Cafe Youtube

Art classes & creative things #trythisathome:

MoMa Art Museum Learning

My video to inspire you to paint your own view on your window (Artiance)

Spring Art Challenge Facebook Daily art instruction

Explore online collections:

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam online collection

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam online collection

Kröller Müller Art Museum NL

Kunstmuseum Den Haag online

Link to a long list of all kinds of museums, e-learning etc

Art videos:

Kunst tv programma’s online terugzien

Art Film tips

Singer Museum Laren NL

I Love You | hand sign
I Love You | hand sign

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