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荷兰油画家Inge Koetzier van Hooff
Inge, 莺格, 曾就读于乌得勒支艺术学校,随后在阿姆斯特丹大学学习文化人类学。她在荷兰和西班牙生活及工作。她把旅行经历作为自己完美的背景,来表达她所热衷的两件事物,人与艺术。旅途中她总会用双眼去仔细观察,关注处在不同环境中的人。Inge还通过授课和展出自己的作品来激励人们。Inge总能发掘出每个人的卓越之处。她熟知如何去表现出一个人的个性,仅通过描绘必要的核心元素,便能让模特儿通过手和脚,姿势以及动作来展现自我。在Inge的画作中,能参透许多画面上没有描绘的事物,她用寥寥几笔,便绘出了精粹。用木质画板或旧帆布作为画布,使用素色的颜料绘画并覆上透明层,这些都是Inge独特显著的画风不可或缺的部分。她的作品被博物馆和私人收藏家所收藏,并在各大艺术馆和活动中大量展出。




欢迎您私下访问我的工作室。 我的工作室距阿姆斯特丹仅45公里。 乘坐公共交通工具和汽车很容易到达。



Nieuwedam 2,Schoorl(gem.Bergen,Noord Holland)荷兰
乘坐火车从阿姆斯特丹出发 – 从Alkmaar CS乘坐巴士只需10分钟。




我将欢迎您参观工作室并向您展示我的作品。 它很小但很特别!
阿姆斯特丹45公里。 乌得勒支90公里。
公共交通:从阿姆斯特丹到阿尔克马尔的火车30分钟。 从阿尔克马尔乘巴士只需10分钟。 巴士站距离我的工作室有100米。 同一天,您可以参观卑尔根或Schoorl美丽的村庄。 它在海边。 它有美丽的沙丘,树林和海滩。 我可以帮您安排行程,包括在海景餐厅享用早餐,午餐或晚餐。 您可以预订艺术工作坊并自己创作! 发现我的作品和你自己的艺术才华! 我希望能够见到你!

This website is about the artwork of Inge Koetzier van Hooff. On this page you find information in Chinese (CN).
Please browse to see photos of all her paintings, drawings, exhibitions and activities. See here about my adventures and what inspires me in China.

To contact Inge:
WeChat ID: please scan QR code above
Dutch mobile / Whatsapp: +31624988036
Inge will be part of the Dutch Days in Guangzhou 2018.

About Inge Koetzier van Hooff
Dutch painter, born may1st 1973

Inge studied at the Utrecht Art School and she studied Cultural Anthropology at the Amsterdam University, Netherlands.

After having lived in Spain for 10 years she currently lives and works in Holland. She would love to travel continuously as travelling provides the perfect background for the expression of her twin passions, people & art. Inge is always training the eye, observing, and concentrating on people in their various environments.

Inge sees something remarkable in most things, in every day life, experiences, landscapes, animals, people –  beauty is everywhere. She thrives to show her way of looking by painting just the necessary essential elements, the characteristics. In her drawings a lot is said by what is not drawn, just showing the essentials in a few lines. She believes the result is in the eye of the beholder anyway.

Painting in a sober palette and in transparant layers, in combination with the use of wooden panels or old sails as her canvas is an integral part of Inge’s recognisable style.

By exhibiting her work, sharing it online and teaching Inge likes to inspire people to look around and to create. Her work has been acquired by museums and private collections and has been exhibited widely at various art venues and events.

Portrait Inge Koetzier van Hooff

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