Buy one = Save one! Instead of buying stuff cheap on #BlackFriday, you can help stray dogs buy buying one of these paintings!

50% will go directly to the fund to help the dogs!
You can trust me to send half of the money directly to incredibly passionate people who are ready, day and night, to help all animals in need! They take them from the street, lovingly shelter and feed them, take them to the vet for medicines and sterilisation, take such good care and find them loving homes.

By buying a portrait on Black Friday 2017 you will help them to continue taking care of all the animals in need (and there are many animals who need help on Lanzarote. Unfortunately Spain is not known for the good handling of animals.)

If you like a dog painting, this is your chance! There are originals for sale and also prints on A4 or A3 size. (Please note that prices are excl. shipping costs.)
Be quick, email or whatsapp me today to buy a lovely dogs portrait!

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